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My Biography...

In the cradle of a musical dynasty born Cesar Borjas, 23 October 1980 in the city of Cabimas (Venezuela). From a young harbored a deep passion for music, a fact that leads to be held as one of the most experienced drummers in the artistic medium.

His first professional steps were taken under the direction of composer Nano Alejandro Silva and his group Sound 4 Cabimas. Having earned a reputation as a virtuoso percussionist, participate intermittently with the renowned director José Luis García Orchestras (Carángano), his skill in recording sessions and concerts relevant.

The news that Cesar was one of the best drummers of the time, ran between the nascent musical groups in the country, which is why everyone wanted to have him in their ranks. This led him to perform in different major groupings of Venezuela as "Babys", "Tecupae", "The Pelaos", "The other Carruyo Orchestra Ender," among many others. Then take a big step and works for 8 years with a valuable and recognized artist as it is Abednego "Neguito" Borjas in one of the most important groups in the nation (Great Coquivacoa).

Although cesar born with music in his veins, and much of his talent has developed a self-taught, I do not turn away from the classroom. So, on a par with his work, he strengthened his talent with studies conducted in the Conservatory José Luis Paz and the University Cecilio Acosta (UNICA) in Maracaibo, and numerous courses and workshops in the field of percussion.

He has had the valuable opportunity to share with major international drummers, such as Alex Acuña, RALFH Irizarri, Eddie Montalvo, Jose Luis Quintana "Changuito" Luis Conte and Giovanni Hidalgo.
Additionally, he has participated as a guest on major events, with the Simon Bolivar Big Band directed by Andrés Briceño and artists Franco de Vita and Oscar D Leon.

Currently, daily shows professionalism with artists like Ronald Borjas, Jorge Luis Chacin, the VIA group, Big Band Maracaibo project and to support the development of musical culture teaches workshops in different institutions.

Finally it should be noted that cesar born with music in his veins, and much of his talent has been self-taught, not setting aside classrooms where teaching is enriched and where you can also gather information that can be important for academic achievement. So; in addition to his work he strengthens his talent with studies developed at the Conservatory Jose Luis Paz and the University Cecilio Acosta (UNICA) in the city of Maracaibo, and countless courses in the field of percussion.

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